Hole In Your Roof

Is there a hole in your roof that needs repairing?

Roofers Wilmington NC are often called upon after a bad storm hits.  Unfortunately, this has been proven to be true more times than not.  When a bad storm comes along most of the time a tree limb ends up on someones roof causing damage.  This is often caused by high winds or lightening.  No matter which one causes the tree limb to fall the damage is usually the same.  After a tree limb falls onto someones house or business it usually causes a hole to form in the roof.

Having a hole in your roof can be a big problem.  This is especially true when more storms are in the prediction of the near future.   Roof damage will allow water to leak in causing damage on the inside of your home.  Not only can water get in, unwanted animals gain access as well.

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