The Heat In The Southeast

In 2017 the air in southeastern states really started heating up

The summer of 2017 started out with mild temperatures but then suddenly heated up drastically.  When this happened a lot of southeastern heating and air Wilmington NC companies were called upon.  Many people neglected to have their air conditioning routine service calls performed.  Since the summer started out mild a lot of residence thought they could get by with no ac repair done this summer.  This has been proven to be a big mistake as the weather continues to heat up in southeastern states.

With the sudden change in the temperature in the Southeast many HVAC companies are being called up.  The amount of AC service calls being performed has skyrocketed from previous months.  Many people are having to be put on  a waiting list because the heating and cooling companies are overwhelmed.  This is why it is so important to have a routine HVAC maintenance call done year around.


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