Hard Work

Do you know what some of the hardest jobs are?

There are a lot of hard jobs out there but I have made a list of my 5 top hardest jobs today!  These range from HVAC jobs to serving jobs so it is not always about getting down and dirty.

  1. Coal Mining
  2. Restaurant Server
  3. Commercial and Residential  HVAC repair
  4. Farming
  5. Airplane Controller

In my eyes these are 5 of the hardest jobs to perform in our society today.  As you can see they are not all about having to get down and dirty.  Your brain sometimes is the tool that gets most strained.  These kind of jobs are very stressful which is what makes these type of jobs so hard.

But with no doubt, most of the hardest jobs to perform are those that involve both physical labor and brains to perform.  The are 2 tools that many people do not receive at the same time.

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